Support for Your Demand Controller

Energy Sentrys' Technical Support is available to assist you with any issues you may encounter with your Energy Sentry demand controllers and electric demand management products.

Before Contacting Technical Support, try these quick steps:


Step 1. Check Resources

We are happy to share our expertise and knowledge about energy demand controllers and monitoring equipment. Please visit our Resources Page for some common:

  • FAQ for Electrical Demand Management
  • Peak Demand Educational Literature
  • Demand Controller Technical Tips

Step 2. Check Manual

Check the product Manual that was included with your Energy Sentry Unit.  Units bought after 2009 were shipped with a cd containing a PDF version of the manual. There are also downloadable PDF versions of both current and obsolete models located below.

Step 3. Contact Local Dealer

Visit our Dealer Directory and find an expert near you.  Every location has different needs based on the utility rate structure and other climate conditions.  Your local dealer is the best qualified professional to quickly diagnose and resolve whatever issue you come across.

Step 4. Contact Us

Call us directly at (970) 461-9600 or Toll Free at (888) 461-9336.
Energy Sentry is a division of Brayden Automation. Contact us


Current Demand Controller Models

9388B Commercial Demand Controller
9388C/M Commercial Demand Controller
9388A Residential Demand Controller
9312A Residential Demand Controller
EnergyAccess Version 3.2 Software


Obsolete Demand Controller Models

We support our legacy demand controllers in addition to the current product line.  Below are some of our former models and their product manuals.

Model PDF Manual Upgrade Suggestion
Savergy Demand Controllers
ZDC Demand Controllers

Download Installation Instructions

Download Manual

SC Models - Upgrade to 9388A
ES Models - Upgrade to 9312A
Alpha Models- Upgrade to 9312A
9208A Residential
Demand Controller
9210 Residential
Demand Controller
No Manual Available
9212A Residential
Demand Controller
9288A Residential
Demand Controller
No Manual Available
9308A Residential
Demand Controller
9326 Demand Display
9321A Demand Monitor
9321M Demand Monitor
9322A Demand Monitor