Energy Demand Management Testimonials

Learn what Energy Sentry customers are saying about our demand controllers and energy demand monitoring products. We are committed to exceed the expectations of our customers. We try to make each customer experience valuable and we are passionate about improving energy efficiency. Below are a handful of noteworthy testimonials from our customers.

See what some of our customers are saying about Energy Sentry products...



The way you handled the sale of one unit to an individual like me, with courtesy, patience and knowledge to answer my questions is something that is rearely seen the corporate world today. I would gladly recommend your product and service to everyone.

Walter L.
Buffalo Gap, SD


I am writing to thank you for installing the Energy Sentry on my home electric panel box and to let you know the system appears to be saving me between 15% and 30% each month. It's comforting to know that I am doing all I can to reduce my electrical bill.

Robert T.
Virginia Beach, VA


I had called because the upper display on my system was not lighting. I had the good fortune to be connected to Rich Brayden who patiently walked me thru the problem and the solutions. It was agreed that I should pull the Board and sent it back to you for analysis. Rich explained all the steps needed to extract the board for return. The necessary repairs were completed and the board was returned. I reinstalled it per instructions and everything is in excellent working order.

Interfacing with Brayden Automation was a delightful experience. Your collective competence and communication is not often seen in today’s world. Your product and your personnel are exemplary.

Bob F.
Wilmington, NC


You can't control your energy usage until you know where it is being used, and with Brayden Automation's Energy Access monitoring system we have saved thousands of dollars PER YEAR since we first installed it in the 1990s. Over the years their customer service has been outstanding and proactive. I would recommend Brayden's energy solutions to every business that sweats when their monthly energy bill is delivered!

Gina P.
Lawrence Tool and Molding


It has been approximately 5 years since I made the decision to have Energy Advisors install the Energy Sentry demand controller. From the very first month, we saw a savings of $75. Our larger usage months are typically in the summer months in which we have seen savings as much as $125/month. It was amazing to me that with this system I automatically pay less per kilowatt hour than my neighbor. I thought I may notice the system turning off appliances like the dryer, my pool pump, the HVAC, however, I have never noticed any inconveniences in our daily/nightly routines. My unit paid for itself in approximately 20 months. I personally recommend the Energy Sentry demand controller to those that wish to save money on their power bills.

Todd B.
Virginia Beach, VA


The company patiently helped us get comfortable with the system, both before we signed and since it's been installed. It is already saving us money and it's not even cooling season yet.

Bill Cameron
Wow! Children's Museum


Brayden Automation was great to work with. The system went in smoothly and has worked perfectly since day one. In fact, I haven't even noticed that it was there... except for the savings!

Don Geary
Great Basin National Park


I would definitely recommend Brayden Automation's demand controllers. There have never been any problems with our controller. Anytime there was an issue, it was usually on our end, and Bill was right there to help us figure it out. It is very easy to use. It takes some time to figure out exactly what loads you want to control, but once it's set up it takes care of itself.

Jimmie Wolfrum
Jim's Automotive Machine Shop


When I speak with some of my neighbors, and they tell me they just paid for yet another tank of propane and that their yearly energy bills are in the $4K range, I just keep quiet and say to myself "YES!" My yearly bills for everything are in the range of $2,400. And when talking to these same neighbors, my square footage is much larger than what they are heating.

Tom Harr
Residential Customer

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Being in the demand control industry since 1978 has made us one of the most reliable and knowledgeable companies out there when it comes to helping manage your electric loads and increase energy efficiency.  We are proud of the relationships we’ve built and the money we’ve saved our customers over the years, and they are just as happy to share their experience. 

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